Amazing Ideas To Decorate Baby Room Even In Small Spaces

The little one arriving is a sea of emotions for the whole family. From the day it is revealed, parents start planning, organizing things and making all preparations for the welcome!

As soon-to-be parents start their research for newborn room decorating ideas quite early, they also need to understand more about basics like safety, baby-centric aesthetics, sustainability, and convenience. 

Decorating a nursery comes only after safety. For the safety of a newborn, you need to baby-proof not just the nursery but almost the whole house. What all should you baby-proof is mentioned in the blog above. Here we are sharing some wonderful ideas to decorate the nursery for your little one. 

Designing A Baby Nursery

Designing a full-fledged, small-spaced, or just a shared nursery is an exciting project for all expectant parents. You need to keep in mind that only decorating will not solve the purpose. The idea should include the following - 

  1. It has to be safe.
  2. The idea is to be an aesthetic space that also assists natural baby development. 
  3. It should be as decluttered as possible.
  4. The essence of convenience should not be ignored.
  5. Sustainability should always be in mind. You don't want cribs or movement space to be outgrown within a few months. The room probably will be used more and more as the child grows.

Amazing Ideas for Decorating a Newborn's Nursery

1. Play the Wallpapers - Wallpaper (Washable only) are super easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, easy to add colours and available with infinite options! The attractive and serene colours add warm vibes for the baby to nurture and nest. There are a plethora of options available for decorating the nursery with wallpapers - 3D, cartoon characters, anime, and feature wall designs in all price ranges.

2. Delectable Furniture - While Decorating the nursery for your newborn please remember furniture should also be able to tick convenience and space management. Play with colours and animes to make it love-worthy for your little one. A chest of drawers with cute knobs or a rainbow bookshelf or a colourful ottoman adds the feel of comfort. You don't need to store all baby items in the room itself, only put the furniture that is really required, including storage drawers, shelves or wardrobes and diaper changing stations. 

3. Flooring - Although carpet flooring is safe, cleaning and ensuring hygiene with them is high on maintenance. Wooden flooring and laminate flooring are an option for parents looking for affordable floor ideas. With scratch-resistant and polishing options available these two are quite a low-maintenance choice. Laminates are inexpensively available in high-end imitating colours-schemes to give the desired look at reasonable costs. Rubber floor blocks add more colours to the room and protect the original flooring, which can be removed easily to clean.

4. Curtains - The curtains can be a pretty aesthetic feature to manage day/night sleep training for kids. Include them with designs, frills, ruffles or prints that balance the overall tone of the nursery. Pull-up shades are available in different varieties with cordless and safety options. Using cellular shades with double layers helps to semi-adjust light/dark lighting, and privacy. Only Make sure the curtains are not floor length, and tension rods are avoided. 

5. Multi-function Storage - When the little ones are in the infant stage stimuli from colours, open spaces and having a visual horizon to explore is high. Manage obvious storage like the chest of drawers with larger width and use the same as changing station, a wardrobe that will fit storage as the little one grows. Cribs and cots can have storage below them for extra bedding. Don't refrain from using adult colour schemes on furniture, the babies love red, brown and navy! Offer plenty of open and accessible storage as it prompts the baby to explore on its own. 

6. Personalise - When preparing a space for the bub, why not personalize it to make it cosier? Using name initials or monogrammed buntings, wall hangings, bedding sets, linen, and bath sets really does make the nursery even more special! Personalized decor doesn't grow out of age even years later, and the kids are able to connect more with their space.

7. Mobiles - Mobiles are not only for cots. You can stimulate baby responses with movement and use mobiles on cribs, ceilings, bookshelves, doors or plain walls. They are a staple for every baby nursery and give a fantasy dreamy look to the nursery.

8. Wall Accessories - As the newborns focus on bold and crisp colours, try to make the nursery walls colourful without overdoing it. You can add shelves, and peg rails for clothes, banners, and decor items. Add colourful meaningful paintings to decorate blank wall spaces. 

9. Comfort Chair -  A comfortable chair might not be used by the baby, but when you start the transition into the nursery, the chair could be a focal point for it. Add a comfortable chair with cute throw blankets and make it a corner or the baby to rest, read stories, lullabies or just drift off while tending to the baby. 

When Should the Nursery be decorated?

In many cultures, decorating nurseries is not allowed. Whether allowed or not, we suggest you decide, finalize and sort the items before the baby arrives. The reason is simple, after the little one comes home, although he will sleep with you in your room for a few months, you will hardly get any time to even discuss decorating the nursery. 

So the decor, deciding on carpenters, and listing items to buy for a newborn, should all be prepared in advance. 

The nursery will be a space that you and the baby will share together in the parenthood journey, design it with love and some tips from the above! 

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