PinkNBlu- Your parenting companion
PinkNBlu, a must-have parenting app that help parents do their best at every step of their parenting journey. Whether you are seeking advice on schools, need information on pregnancy, child care, or anything in between, PinkNBlu is all you need. It covers some amazing parenting tools like baby shopping, self-help blogs, diaper tracker, vaccination tracker, forums, school/hospital finder, growth tracker, moments section, reminders section, Kidcoins, weekly quizzes, curated videos, my documents & learning section. Parenthood- the toughest job in the world! We know it’s tough, we know you are trying. We at PinkNBlu, strive to make parenting hassle-free by providing you with personalized information & services for your child. Whether you are pregnant, a new parent, parent of a toddler or a teenager, PinkNBlu has something in store for every parent. Serving you with pretty much anything and everything you need, because every parent deserves the best.

Why PinkNBlu?
PinkNBlu, one of the largest Indian parenting app, serves as a community for like-minded parents. We aim to help you become a super-parent with us as our app works solely to give a personal touch so that you can have a better parenting experience.

What all you can have access to once you join the pinknblu parenting community?

Curated video content: Our personalized video section focuses on healthy content based on your child’s age, without worrying about your child watching irrelevant content on the internet.

Vaccination Tracker: With PinkNBlu, parents can be stress-free about their kid’s vaccination as your kid’s health is our concern too. We make sure that you never miss on your child’s important vaccination dates.

Diaper Tracker: Track all the wetness away with our diaper tracker. Take care of your baby’s diaper’s status with accuracy. School & Hospital finder: Your search ends here. With PinkNBlu, you can easily browse the best schools and hospitals in your location. We cover thousands of hospitals & schools across more than 20 cities in India.

Reminders: With constant nudges, Pinknblu's reminders could be a savior when it comes to keeping up with important tasks as you have to take care of everything.

My Documents: Storing & updating important documents of your baby has become easy with PinkNBlu. Safely stack up all your important documents, records, certificates & prescriptions.

Growth Tracker: Never worry about your child’s growth. Measure his/her developmental milestone & celebrate every day.

Moments: Share all the ‘aww’ pictures of your little one & your family over a safe community like PinkNBlu & invite friends & relatives to your kid’s profile.

Learning: We provide the best online courses from top ed-tech brands like Vedantu, Cuemath & WhiteHat Jr at best discounts. Grab coupon codes while you learn from PinkNBlu.

Kidcoins: Get rewards as Kidcoins while you sign-up, shop & learn from PinkNBlu and redeem them for gift vouchers from Amazon/Flipkart.

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How to use PinkNBlu?
Download the app or visit our website and create your kid’s profile by filling your personal details and enjoy your parenthood journey with PinkNBlu. Be a Super-parent with us!.