9 Baby Shower Theme Ideas In 2022

Parenthood is a unique journey in itself. Being a father or a mother means creating and raising a new life and moulding them with your values and teachings. It's a new doorway to your life that you never had before.

Right when you soak in the feeling of being pregnant, you start planning your baby shower party. 

With so much inspiration and expectations set high from the internet, choosing the best baby shower theme for your bub can be confusing. 

We have curated nine gender-neutral, affordable baby shower theme ideas you can use to celebrate your baby’s arrival.

1. Mother-to bee

The honey-bee theme can be the most adorable baby shower idea to welcome your jar of honey. The colour black, yellow, golden and white can be used for the decor. This theme would work well if you have a white background. You can paint some honey bees on cardboard and stick them on your wall. Decorate your white walls with some black, white and golden coloured balloons. Have a honey-comb-looking cake or any cake based on the theme. Your honey-flavoured baby shower theme will look fantastic with colour-coordinated clothes! 

2. You can BEARLY wait, right?

The journey of the nine months of pregnancy is tricky as you cannot wait to welcome your sweetheart and yet would do anything to complete the term. Surprise, surprise, NOT! Babies, in general, love teddy bears, and so do mommies. A bear-themed idea for a baby shower can be a cute and adorable idea to give a grand welcome to your very own teddy bear! Place teddy bears, teddy bear balloons, cutouts, and cake to create the theme. You can even wear bear-themed clothes for added effect!

3. Just Chill and Hakuna Matata

You will know what Hakuna Matata means if you have watched the Lion King. Remember how Mufasa showed off Simba to the entire jungle when he was born? You can’t “show off” your darling who’s still on your belly, but you can make an extravagant Disney-themed baby shower party for your bub. You can find props online easily.

Go with the Lion King theme, in case you are confused, to pick one. 

4. How I wonder what you are?!

Wait, that didn’t come off right, isn’t it? The song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are," in case you couldn't already guess. The twinkle twinkle little star is one of the latest baby shower themes trending. That’s the song you’ll sing when your little star is born, so why not welcome them to this world with a star-themed baby shower party? The colours can be silver or golden, with little stars on the decoration. A star-shaped cake and balloons will make your guests starry-eyed. 

5. It’s Springtime!

If your baby is due in Spring, you can celebrate it with a floral theme. Use sunflowers, roses, daisies, tulips and marigolds to welcome your sunshine. You can use off-white or golden colours to decorate the room and place a bouquet on the table. Sprinkle a few petals here and there. The Spring baby shower theme is ready. 

6. Welcoming the Baby in Style

If you’re an Indian and love Bollywood movies, you may try a baby shower with a Bollywood theme. How cool will it look to send out invitations with your favourite actor/movie on the invitation card? Decorate with reels, and put a few camera props. Wear colourful clothes inspired by movies and watch everyone's party, like the red carpet event.

7. Let’s Go to the Space

You are already going to enjoy an out-of-the-world experience through the birthing process. So, here’s a space theme for you to literally showcase it. (wink) You can put galaxy-themed wallpapers and use blue and silver colours for other decorations. Hang some moon and star props from your ceiling and have a few star-studded decorations. 

8. Colours Everywhere

How about a baby shower party with a rainbow? Multiple colours look joyful and can express the ecstasy you and your spouse must be feeling to welcome another family member. It’s one of the best themes to celebrate the immense joy in your life. Beautify the room with multiple rainbows or different coloured balloons, treats and toppers. 

9. Once Upon a Time, There was a Baby

If you love fairytales and fiction, you will love this fairytale baby shower theme. Use ribbons, vintage linens and floral designs to give the aesthetic fairytale look. China plates and utensils go fine with this theme. Have a few exotic dishes as if you are in your castle, toasting in the name of your prince/princess.

For all these themes, you don’t necessarily plan a huge party. You can also source the decoration and props online and do it as an intimate party at home. The idea is to give a warm pre-welcome party to the mom-to-be where she enjoys the company of her loved ones. 

Don’t forget to click lots of pictures!

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