Shopping For A New Born - A Complete Checklist

Welcoming a little life into this world brings along responsibility, love, and a completely new personality that no one knows they have within. Taking care of the little one is no child's play. You can ask for help from family and friends for housework, groceries and even taking care of your baby at times. 

However, as the ultimate responsibility is of the parents, the modern-age accessories and baby products are a blessing, making your job a tad bit easier. 

Once you are pregnant, you will only see baby products everywhere around you and have a maternal impulse to hoard stuff. You might be tempted to go overboard and collect things, but in reality, not everything you see on the internet and suggested by sellers is required. Most of the things new parents buy driven by marketing gimmicks might not be needed this early and might go completely unused.

Things you Should Buy

Here is a list of products that are undisputably required and make your journey more comfortable. Once you are comfortable physically and mentally you will be able to pass on the happy vibes to your baby and be able to take care with more compassion and positivity.

1. Nursing Pillow - This item is a boon for new mothers. Feeding pillows helps you place the baby in the correct position while breastfeeding. The feeding pillows also help keep your back straight and not hunch. The more comfort you have, the better you shall feel and not get too exhausted from sitting and supporting the baby to latch correctly.

2. Lumbar Pillows - Lumbar pillows are too underrated. When you are nursing, sitting to tend to the baby, or rocking the cradle, having a pillow for back support becomes your partner. The shape of the lumbar pillow keeps your back upright and aid your lower back while sitting. 

3. Quick-dry Sheets - The great innovation for current times are quick-dry sheets. These sheets are great for changing diapers. Using them under the baby while they sleep without diapers. They are designed to absorb a lot of dampness, unlike regular cotton homemade baby mattresses. These sheets are easy to wash, dry super quickly, and are highly absorbent. Keep the baby without a diaper without fussing over washing, drying and changing cotton baby mattresses (gaddi).

4. Swaddles - Many brands make muslin swaddles. Muslin swaddles are the best as they are made of comfortable, soft, breathable and hypoallergenic fabric. Swaddle your baby and watch them sleep peacefully.

5. Diaper Changing Mats - Diaper changing mats are a great option while travelling or going out with the baby. They are easy to wipe clean and prevent the baby from coming in contact with any surface like public restrooms or car seats while changing diapers. 

6. Diaper Bags - A whole range of designs of diaper bags are available in the market now. You can choose at your convenience and need. They have multiple separate bottle holders, a diapers section, a wet wipes section, lots of other pockets to fit in your babies world in them in a meticulous manner. These bags come very handy while travelling or going out, as you can access every item instantly. You can also instruct someone to find things as they are placed at a specific place.

7. Diaper Caddy - A diaper caddy is a storage cloth-tray sort of thing with separate segments for diapers, wipes, and all the things needed while changing the diaper. When you are at home, anyone can help change the diaper as all the things required are available in one caddy. The caddy makes it convenient to handle diaper situations without chaos or stressing and running to collect essentials for a diaper change.

8. Diaper Rash Creams - Diaper rash cream is a mandatory item every parent needs if using diapers. Applying diaper rash cream to prevent skin irritation, friction, loss of moisture due to diapers. It is advised to clean the area and apply rash cream after every diaper change.

9. Burping Cloths - Either you are breastfeeding or using the formula, babies need to be burped, and while burping they tend to spit up. Having burping cloths saves spoilage of your clothes as the process of feeding and burping goes on every few hours. 

10. Onesies - Onesies look cute and are super convinient. They save space, make changing diapers easy and cover head to toe with no need for pair of socks. Some onesies come with closed hand sleeves and replace the use of mittens. They are easy to remove and put on tiny little fragile babies. 

11. Bottle Sterilizer - If you are giving formula to your baby, the bottle sterilizer will be a game-changer for making your life easier. Washing bottles and sterilizing them after every use is mandatory to remove chances of infection as kids are still developing their immunity. Boiling bottles is tiresome and causes a waste of water every time you sterilize. The sterilizer can be used for milk bottles, toys, sippers, cups or pacifiers. 

The above products should be organised to start your journey on a comfortable note and keep you healthy-calm to take the best care of your little one. 

A range of enticing products is available to make your parenthood journey comfortable. Read reviews and discuss with the parents of toddlers to know about products that proved useful to them. It will also help to defer buying some products after identifying the needs of your and the baby.

Drop your comments and let us know which baby product proved a game-changer for you! We would love to know!

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