8 Tasks You Need To Accomplish While Your Baby Naps

If there was a penny for every time someone said - Sleep when the baby sleeps, all moms would be millionaires. Right? As important as it is to rest, every mother has so many thoughts and guilt about the tasks she can complete in one shot while the baby is asleep. 

Nap time is a crucial time frame to complete pending tasks that are difficult to work upon while the baby is awake. Winding up a few tasks while the baby sleeps keeps your sanity level in check, as you can concentrate better on your bub when awake. Also, it also induces peace if there isn't a to-do list pecking you constantly at the back of your mind.

We have listed 8 tasks you should try to accomplish while your little one is sleeping so that you can complete them faster and efficiently. Managing small things can make your house settings overflow with zen.

1. Rest - Apart from all the tasks, resting and resetting should also be on top of the priority list. In the initial motherhood days post-delivery, you should really rest when the baby sleeps. As you gradually gain your strength, you can use nap times to toggle between tasks, resting being one of the tasks. If you are tired, taking a nap with the baby is necessary to actually move on to other tasks!

2. Laundry - Laundry requires more than just putting clothes in the machine. Timing, segregating clothes, folding and putting them back is a complete work cycle. For laundry, you need to enter a separate wash area inaccessible by babies, hence needs to be completed during nap time!

3. Prep or Batch Cook Meals - Preparing meals, especially in Indian cuisine and kitchens, is a big task which is really difficult while tending to a baby. Always try to plan, cook and store meals in batches. When the meals are already planned, you can cook all meals for the day in one go and be dispensed with the anxiety of cooking each meal at a specified time. Read our blog - (How to batch cook meals for babies)

4. Do Some Reasonable Cleaning - Fretting about keeping the house squeaky clean is frankly unreasonable unless you have full-time help to do that for you. Instead, do some basic cleaning essential to keep the household running! Do the dishes, mop and rearrange baby caddy, cupboard, and toys. Remember to not over-exert yourself. It is rhetoric that the cleaning (vacuuming or clanking dishes) has to avoid that can cause noise and wake the little cherub from its nap.

5. Workout/Yoga/Me time - While the mothers are super managers, they often tend to overlook their own health. Baby nap time should also be planned to get some me time and use this for a workout or do some yoga. It helps you rejuvenate, keep you energetic and healthy and be at the best of motherhood! You can take the best care of your bub only when you yourself are healthy.\\

6. Read and Recharge your Brain - Constant attention towards perfection and doing everything for your baby puts yourself in the backseat. At times when you don't feel like accomplishing these tasks, sit down to read, or watch the news, connect with friends and colleagues and rewire your brain to think distinctly. A healthy mind keeps you physically sound and less anxious

7. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh - Try to make some time for any activity that makes you happy! Make a scrapbook of your baby or do some artwork. Have coffee while it's hot, paint your nails, eat a hot meal, and shower in peace. Make time for self-care, pamper yourself and do some skincare and haircare routine! 

8. List and Shop - Making a list of grocery shopping, and ordering online can be done peacefully while the baby naps. The shopping list is usually the pre-emptive approach for managing a household with a bay to be taken care of. So head out to shop or get the list of items delivered home with uninterrupted concentration! 

When you do even one of the above tasks while the baby naps, you have one less thing to worry about. Even if somedays you nap every time the baby naps to cover your lost sleep or just sit and drink coffee and enjoy the sunset, it is important.

Do share your experiences and tasks that you look forward to completing while your baby naps! We at Pink N Blu are all ears!

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