10 Practical Mommy Hacks To Make You Everyday Life Easier

Dear Mommies,

We feel you and cheer you for the efforts that you put in every single day to balance everything! This blog post is dedicated to all super-moms who keep looking for a magic wand or a quick trick to managing their load of responsibilities. 

The least we can do is curate a list of mommy hacks that can make your everyday task-management more efficient and easier. Juggling between roles is not easy, whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom or working-from-home mom. Why

Decide the Goal

Mommies, you need to align your thought process. You are already a thought leader when it comes to parenting. A little nudge, the smallest help, or even a tiny assurance is enough to fuel your passion! Creating a work-life balance is secondary. Integrating life and work (house or office) should be your foremost priority to optimize all the roles.

Practical Hacks for Mommies

1. Multiple Bedding - The biggest challenge is waking up during the night for feeds and diaper changes. To cut down the routine in case of bed wetting, try to keep layers of bedding under the baby so that you don't have to remove and spread another. Remove the spoiled layer and go back to sleep after the change. 

2. Specific Places for Things - Assign specific spots, drawers, and cupboards for things. It helps you to wind up swiftly after the day ends. Even if someone is helping you, you can instruct them to fetch things easily. This applies to everything - kitchen, changing rooms, store rooms. And the long-term benefit is the impact on kids. They will learn to be organized when they grow up.

3. Declutter - Declutter all the items not required. Schedule decluttering because lesser things mean lesser time to clean up. Use toys in rotation for kids to avoid the unnecessary scattered house. If you are a sentimental person, store the sentimental items out of reach of kids so they don't mess up the house.

4. Meal Planning - This is undoubtedly the winner hack! Planning meals beforehand saves you from half of your anxieties. Having a meal plan (pinned to the fridge or wall) stops the zillion-time question - What's for dinner tonight? When you plan the meal, you also automatically save urgent runs to grocery stores, save money from takeaways and order online. Advance planning can let you cook in batches and store to save some more time!

5. Easy to Follow Routines - Make daily routines uncomplicated. Don't try to mix all extracurricular that get the kids over-exhausted by the end of the day. Keep a simple sequence of day-to-day activities so the kids can adapt and follow them without the need to be micro-managed. This hack applies to kids from all age groups.

6. Plan and Segregate Laundry - Plan laundry by day and type and the time of the day. You should start the machine early in the morning and be done with drying and folding by the end of the day. You can assign everyday specific cycles for keeping white, darks, and undergarments. It basically lets you plan clothing for kids and avoid multiple washing rounds for each type of clothing (followed by the drying and folding).

7. Spill-proof sippy - Once the kids start drinking water regularly, giving them a spill-proof sippy is a saver! Even if they can reach the water dispenser, water spillage will make you wipe the floor multiple times a day. Instead, offer them a leak-proof sipper or glass. Solves 3 things - Hydration, no-spillage and coming to you everytime they want water. 

8. Magnet Fridge boards - With all the multi-universe management sometimes you need a quick white paper to write down ideas, thoughts or grocery items. Writing it on paper is not handy, and you might not have the phone at hand. Use sticky notes or magnetic boards and put them up on the fridge. Write down all to-dos, grocery items, and instructions for family and kids and watch so much of your memory load reduce.

9. Home-Delivery to Rescue - If possible, arrange a set-up with a grocery store for delivery. Running to a grocery store for every need is tiresome, unmanageable and can make the schedule haywire. Most cities now have grocery delivery partners delivering almost anything from a needle to medicines, toys and regular groceries. This hack will save time and unnecessary expenses from force buying at supermarkets and help you keep your meal planning intact. 

10. Medical Store-age - Medicines and first aid need to be organized well to save your anxieties and panic in time of need. Make a list of medicines, their uses and symptoms of illness and expiry dates. Store them all in a single cabinet and box organizers. It helps you take action without confusion in time of need. Also, if you have extra meds, refer to the list every time you need to buy medicines based on a doctor's prescription. Not knowing in-hand stock leads to multiple hoarding of meds unknowingly.

As we always say, parenting is an ever-learning process. These hacks are collected based on the experience of mommies around the world. 

Please comment below if you have hacks in your trinket box!

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