8 Ways To Preserve Epic Travel Memories For Lifetime

Yearly summer holidays hold a special place in the hearts of the little ones and parents, too! The excitement is too high with loads of expectations to do so many things during the break from school! 

My favourite thing about holidays is travelling! Everyone wants the holiday to never end, but sadly it does!

Today, holidays are considered an experience that must be unique, and everyone tries to make them memorable.

There are plans and plans in place, but once back, rarely do people make time to preserve the vacation memories for a lifetime.

Whether it's a staycation, a vacation, or a weekend trip, capturing the sentiments of the holiday is a great way for creating memories that you can dwell on even years later and ignite similar euphoria! 

Let's check out 8 ideas to preserve Epic Travel Memories for Lifetime.

1. Albums - Yes! Collecting photos through your travel holiday or even a vacation at your Maternal grandparent's home is the first and most loved choice. Is it even a holiday without clicking pictures? We take a lot of pictures and videos but eventually store them on the laptop and don't fetch them again. You must print some and make an album dedicated to the trip. It might get rusty over the years, but the charm and excitement of going through albums never get old.

2. Journal - Apart from albums, create a journal with all family members as contributors. Stick pictures, write about enjoyable experiences, and unforgettable incidents, and pour your heart out. Use a polaroid camera for instant picture printing and start the journal right away! Write about what you missed doing, the food, culture and scenic beauty of the place. Call it a memory book that can relive the vacation even after years! You can also add the few leaves or stems of a specific plantation of the place as a memory too!

3. Mason Jar/ Memory box - Kids love to collect little pieces like stubs, shells, crystals and other small items from places they travel. Assemble souvenirs, handicrafts from local vendors, fridge magnets, and quirky decor items and store them in an inexpensive mason jar readily available from a local stationery store. It will be perfect memorabilia as each piece in the transparent jar would remind of a story and fun times. Don't forget to put labels and vacation details on top to store them!

4. Videos - Apart from still pictures, videos are a fun way to capture candid scenes on a holiday! Make reels, boomerangs and video journals of your holiday. If anyone of your travelling member can edit videos, you've hit a jackpot! Create a short film of the trip and save it in a shareable mode to preserve the live emotions from the most memorable vacation! Use it as birthday gifts for the travelling members.

5. Maps - Vacations are about fun but also about passive learning. You can use vacation as a very effective tool to teach maps and geography to kids. Buy a map of the place you are visiting, carry it around and mark the sites you visit or explore. You can use the maps to identify the locations while travelling. The kids will love to keep the maps in a journal or scrapbook. And if by any chance you plan to visit the same destination again, use the same map to discover new places that were missed the first time!

6. Scrapbook - Scrapbooking is fun. Do it as a family activity and decorate a holiday memory book with lots of crafts and art designs. Stick pictures, collectables, tickets, photos, maps, brochures and other items collected over the holiday period. It need not be only about your travel. It can include memories of the complete summer holidays, extracurricular activities, fun at home with family, and memorable events during the holidays.

7. Ticket Collage - When you travel, you have to buy entry tickets to entry at visitation places. A piece of a ticket given back is called a stub. The family can collect individual stubs, entry passes, boarding passes or hotel bands and make a collage from them. Not only serves as a great craft idea for the summer holidays but will also make a creative and vibrant display of the travel memories. 

8. Currencies - In case you are travelling abroad, collecting currency notes and coins from different places is another way to collect travel memories. Currency collection is also a hobby known as Numismatics. Even if you do not go abroad, cultural and historical places have copies of currency in the form of pictures or artificial pieces of ancient exchange systems. You can make an album for the same with proper headings and mentions of the place and dates of travel.  

The planning before leaving, the thrill, and the nostalgia after coming back from a holiday are real. These emotions from our childhood are still etched even in our memories. Aren't they? 

Instead of clicking pictures only, based on the kind of travel holiday, choose one of the ideas above to store the memories of the family vacation. These epic ways will keep the spark and joy of holidays alive even after you are back.

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