15 Best Outdoor Monsoon Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

Monsoon comes with a different set of emotions for every person. The kids and adults equally get infused with a newfound enthusiasm with the splattering of raindrops on the ground! 

Rainy days need not always mean sitting closed in the house complaining. It is a perfect opportunity for engaging in fun-filled outdoor activities when the rains are safe (without a thunderstorm or torrential downpour). 

Let the imagination take a trip and discover new ways to enjoy this happy season!

Flora and fauna and all the elements of nature become eye-pleasing during the monsoon season, with lush green trees, clean roads, cool dust-free air!

There are many activities that the kids can indulge in during this season that bring them closer to nature. The most questionable point falls out as all these activities can be taken up even if there is a single child in a family with equally participating adults!

Let's slide!

Run Dance and Swirl

The Most loved and basic thing is to wear appropriate clothes and rush out into the rain and soak oneself!. It is the easiest method to introduce kids to rain and let them enjoy the magical feel of raindrops. Put on some music and dance, twirl and laugh out loud.


When the drops are mystically big and scarcely pouring, try to catch them on your tongue, hand or feet! Let the child feel the sensory effect of drops at various parts of the body.

Mud Pie or Chocolate Cake

Post rains, when the mud is semi-dry, it can be used to make imaginative mud pies, cakes, or anything your child wants to! Use utensils of various shapes to make new pretend-cuisine! Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Make Your Own River

Carve a small width river or trench with a stick or wooden spatula in mud, or wet sand and see the water gushing through it like a river when it rains!

Puddle Race

With all the new puddles formed after a lovely downpour, safe and even grounds can be used as the racecourse. Jump over every puddle or jump in every puddle through the course to see who wins first!


Usually, the terraces or high storage tanks are filled with water after heavy rainfall and the outlet pipe gushes with water like a waterfall. Once the initial water is clean, let the kids enjoy these waterfalls. Don't Stop yourself and join them for super fun!

Make your Music

Use different containers or boxes made of steel, plastic, cardboard and various sizes to see the raindrops create a piece of cosmic music! This also helps toddlers to recognize different sounds!

Make Your Own World

If you live near a beach, or a place where soft sand is available, let your child make a world of his own with animals, parks, puddles, leaves, castles. Let them se their bath toys or animal figures to decorate the whole display.

Let the Rain Paint

Bring out the artist and their tools for a new way of colouring. Draw with sketch pens, paints, crayons on paper and let the rain wash over it! Let your kids feel awe-struck to see the colours blend, making their own rainbow or maybe a unicorn! Watch how each texture has its own pace of washing away.

Engineers in the Making

Make your own Dam/teach the kids to make one using sand or mud to stop or alter the course of small water streams that have started due to rains. Being with nature is not only fun but life-long conceptual learning as well. 

Science is All Around Us

Take some different size utensils and put them out in the rain to see which fills fastest. Concepts of speed, volume and area will be a magic trick to get them to understand!

Boat Race

The most popular activity during rains is now often forgotten. Parents, be a sport and make some boats. Race your boats with your kids and give them some amazing memories to cherish forever.

Bubble Up

When the clouds tease you with just a sprinkle of few drops, take out your bubble guns and see whose bubble lasts the longest before a raindrop pops it out!

Mud Artist

Use leaves, sticks, twigs or stems, dip them in mud and paint on the fences or backyard walls to make a pretty canvas of abstract art. (The rain will eventually wash away all the mud, so no worries!) Bring out the Picasso in your child.

Feel the Monsoon

When you are not in a mood for any activity and it isn't too cold to make you sick, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on garden grass or muddy tracks and arouse the senses with the monsoon feel!

Are you now waiting for the rains desperately? After reading these activities? The rainy season is magical because it brings out the child in the adults also. Just taking a family walk can also bring out the inquisitive side of children and surprise them with so much of what mother earth has to offer. 

Let your children explore more, enjoy more and collect memories for every monsoon will bring something new to look forward to! 

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