Movie Ideas To Watch With Your Children And Beat The Lockdown Blues

Overbearing Covid-19 discussions have become a part of our lives, and to shun all the negativity, we aim to bring topics that will promote positive vibes in these gloomy times. The desperation of going out can sometimes catch you off-guard and make you lose your self-control, and with children of any age stuck at home, this might happen more often.

To make the most of this time, with schools closed and no place to go, when everyone is wildly searching for ideas to keep themselves entertained and constructively occupied, we have compiled a list to help you move ahead with this plan. 

This exciting list of movies to watch with your children will make impromptu plans for the long-overdue movie nights that you have been pushing off to a later date.

Age 0 to 4 years olds

Fascinating colours, a visual treat of moving figures is the right way to introduce your kids to watching films. It can be an excellent opportunity to acquaint them with motion pictures that will impact their mental development with an inclination to morals and imbibe good habits. They identify animals, colours, toys, cars and therefore, the movies mentioned below can be more interesting for them as the characters are recognisable and relatable to them.

1. Shrek - Colourful portrayal of animated figures makes it a binging treat for toddlers and is a perfect choice to introduce them to Movie time!

2. Cars - Almost all kids love cars and it one of the few toys/ figures that they learn to recognise early. A screen time with lots of talking cars is sure to keep them hooked.

3. Despicable Me - Who doesn't love minions? The cuteness of minions overloaded with gibberish that they speak (just like our young toddlers), with the emotional story of little girls, makes it a riot of laughter and fun!

4. The Jungle book - Animals that speak and a boy that lives with them, isn't it a dream come true for all the children! How they would wish to be surrounded by animals from the jungle and be friends with them! A novel piece of movie that is never old for re-runs!

These movies are super fun and can be watched with older children also. We bet your husband might be more excited about these than your little ones!

Age 5 to 12 years old

The kids of this age group are good at communicating and understanding a wider range of emotions. They love to watch action-packed movies, understand basic humour and love to see enticing stories on screen. These movies teach some life-changing virtues, and this particular age group is the period to imbibe these virtues in kids to make them morally good humans beings! 

1. The lion king - Simba and Mufasa the eternal story of the father and his son claiming the throne. The grit is all you need!

2. Winnie the pooh - A pleasant story of a cuddly bear and his friends goes well with a bowl full of popcorns!

3. Frozen 1 & 2 - The rare storyline that keeps the female protagonist into the lead role without turning her into the damsel in distress! 

4. The Incredibles - Superpower or no superpower, this is how the families are, this how they always have each other's back!

5. Taare Zameen Par - This movie is one of the best creations and a great way to inculcate the virtues of equality and acceptance in your kids! Must watch for all age groups!

6. Hitchki - Another Bollywood film that enlightens about accepting everyone without judgement and breaking the stereotyped social norms. 

Age 13 years and above

The entry in the teenage phase is an emotional beginning. The children gain the confidence of their decision making and might want to watch a movie of their choice. Deciding on an age-appropriate film that is not offending and not overwhelming is a tough thing. Teenagers usually prefer to spend time solo or avoid spending time with the family, but with lockdown and a stay-at-home situation, it is a great chance to bond with them over a movie night. (Viewers discretion is advised)

1.English Vinglish - Bringing the real-life scenario on screen is a perfect way to ignite family love and teach that no one is flawed and societal shaming is not acceptable.

2. Chhichore - Touching the right cords of adolescent and teenage impulses and presenting the real world with the best humour/learnings is a must family binge watch!

3. The Chronicles of Narnia (All parts) - A fascinating movie with a great story of family, fantasy and fierceness!

4. Harry Potter (All parts) - The record-breaking whimsical journey into the magical land is an all-time favourite. 

Family movie nights are a great way to unwind, relax with your kids to bring down their anxiousness roused by staying inside the house all the time. These movies are all-time favourites of all age groups, as parents, you can decide the best for your kids and shuffle between age groups.

For years everyone has been complaining of not having enough time to spend with their families. With no options to go for entertainment outside the home, it is an excellent opportunity to create memories over family time and have some enjoyment to forget your mental stresses for few hours!


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