Why Bedtime Routine Is Necessary For Kids (for Parent's Sanity Too)

However active and fit a person might be, sleep still remains an indispensable and probably most important element of a healthy lifestyle.

This inference applies more stringently to kids and children. Sleep is more if not parallelly significant for kids' development among other things that boost their growth. 

An adequate amount of sleep indisputably promotes and improves the mental and physical health of the children.

To enable sound sleep patterns in babies and children, a bedtime routine is imperative. A strategically created regime not only augments Kids' health benefits but is also a must-thing-to-do for parents' sanity and health.

Let us help you with some precise and micro points about why a bedtime routine is necessary for all children! (It maintains your sanity too! You can thank us later)! 

1. Physical Health Benefits

Good sleeping habits help your child fall asleep on time, stay asleep uninterrupted through the night, and eventually wake up rested and refreshed. This chain of events will improve their daytime routine also and keep the child physically active and concentrated in all activities! The kids who sleep well have better energy for daily pursuits!

2. Promotes Mental Growth

Sound sleep increases memory, boost concentration and overall intuitive development in children. A well-rested mind performs stably and learns faster. Well-slept children show signs of natural confidence and emotional strength that is a significant part of life. It isn't a made-up theory but scientifically proven and tested. (Remember how disoriented you felt with sleepless nights during earlier days of parenthood?) - the same thing happens with children too.

3. Discipline

Setting up a bedtime routine is paramount for establishing self-discipline as a natural habit in your child. A fixed routine might sometimes feel mundane for a child, and he might even resist it. However, over time this routine will match their natural Circadian cycle and biological clock. A stable cycle will teach them discipline in all areas of life. A few cheat nights should be allowed as a reward in moderation to promote smooth acceptance of routines.

4. Helps Parents to Structure their Routine

A scheduled nighttime and resulting scheduled daytime with children will help you as parents to fulfil your responsibilities and adhere to a daily schedule with proper time management. You will be able to keep your routine intact with a predictable sleep routine of children. Your children' sleeping routine will help you sleep well and perform better on your daily fronts as well. Working parents will be able to manage well and get better quality time with their little ones with a settled routine.

5. Controlled Behaviour Problems

The parents of children with set sleep discipline and daily routine face lesser behaviour issues and aggressive resistance from their children. Sound sleep rejuvenates the brain and body that makes your child calm and well-behaved. Erratic schedules can be detrimental for brain development in children and lead to many other slower reflexes, reduced concentration, and delayed developmental milestones. 

6. Parents me Time

Most of you think that usually, all parents put their kids to bed at a regular time. Surprisingly most parents don't. After all the day's grind, parents need a break to relax and have their own bedtime routine. To maintain your sanity and get some deserved ME TIME you must develop a sleep routine for your children. 

With all the responsibilities that you are fulfilling and giving your best and to do better and stay motivated to thrive, you must take out some time to revive your energy. 

The crux of all the above points is that to create a healthy and happy lifestyle for your family, a sleep routine for children of all age is necessary. 

The earlier the bedtime habits are inculcated the smoother the transition to a sound sleep routine will be.

All the above benefits fall into a cyclic chain of events that start with setting up a routine and ending with effective and positive fruit bearing perquisites.

Timely completed daily tasks, work commitments, well behaved and healthy children, all these things will keep you calm and sane!

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Do share your experiences with setting up a sleep routine for your children. Let us know if this was helpful. 

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