5 Reasons Why Online Learning Can Be The Best Thing Happened To Kids.

The incipience of the era of online learning has been like a sharp graph firmly inclining upwards.

Like all the parents who have passed through complete school life, accepting the new norm is challenging and raises doubts on the concept.

Your apprehensions are not undue, nor are the quest to search for the best online course options.

While online learning is now inevitable, we would like to highlight a few pointers to explain and help you keep your concerns at bay. As a parent, you must be downright convinced and accept it unconditionally before your child does. 

Read further to know why virtual learning is one of the best inventions of all times, and how the top online learning platforms assure your child gets the best in class education despite being at home.


The biggest and undisputed benefit derived from online education is the flexibility of time, bearings, repetition. The uninterrupted curriculum of schools where the kids were engrossed round-the-clock in classwork, homework, projects or learning for tests can now be concluded from any place, at any time, at their own pace. Vedantu, Cuemath, and Whitehat Jr. offer virtual classes that can be timed up as per the child's regular curriculum. The restraint of availability of courses suiting the needs of your child is dispensed with online educational platforms. You gain access to various courses, which otherwise would not be available close to your place of residence. 

Parents of an 8 yo boy share their personal experience - "We live in the outskirts of the city because of our work. Lack of availability of extra classes or activities in our vicinity and left us feeling guilty for not being able to tender it to our child. But now with online forums, our child can participate in his favourite courses and classes. There are so many options for extracurricular activities to join from home, which was practically not possible to run around at different centres and attend them all in person"

2. Adaptability 

Online learning platforms such as WhiteHat Jr, Cuemath and Vedantu are in the major league for virtual learning. These platforms are aided with best in class technology and teachers from across the country. They are adequately equipped with technology to incorporate changes, modify the curriculum, improve service in real-time to deliver the best. The teams at WhiteHat Jr, Cuemath and Vedantu review the updation required in courses, user feedback, and technical issues to render a seamless experience for their end-users - the kids. With the escalating dependence on online learning, these top-notch online education platforms adapt to prolific demands and offer new courses that align and prepare your kids for the real future-competitive-world. 

Many parents share that they want to engage their children in reading than wasteful screen-time indulgence. Vedantu launched reading classes that develop interest and prepare the children from a very young age to start reading independently.

3. Customization

The courses have multiple layers and sub-selection options that can be bundled to create a personal bouquet of classes. You can choose the subjects, courses, and even teachers as per your personal preferences. Cuemath offers a diagnostic test to select the level of mathematic course matching the requirements of your child. Vedantu has initiated a new segment to develop reading habits in children from a young age based on phonics learning. It is convenient to hand-pick skill-enhancing courses that your kid is self-interested in, rather than running a rat race to become master of none. The level of customization available with these courses cannot be attained with traditional teaching methods. 


The cost of online education is less as compared to the traditional methods. All parents are persistently working to give their kids the best education and prepare them to compete in the real world. However, the cost of offering additional classes becomes an obstacle that stops the parents from advocating more than just their school syllabus. These online courses are designed to be budget-savvy. Be it school curriculum or extracurricular activities and skills, all children deserve the right to education, and cost should not be a barrier to it. Online education saves other auxiliary costs such as transportation and additional stationery and your job/household work’s time-cost. Priyanka, a working mother of two kids is very satisfied and wholeheartedly endorses digital learning. She says, "Picking and dropping children to school or extra classes cost us high transportation charges, getting different stationery for kids was an expense that bothered us due to the wastage that came along with it." 

At PinknBlu, we offer additional and exclusive discounts on course from Whitehat Jr, Vedantu and Cuemath.

5. Personal attention

Most of the courses available on the Vedantu, Cuemath and WhiteHat Jr are live 1:1 sessions for direct teaching. The essence of teaching has been diluting due to the poor teacher-student ratio in schools. The unavailability of subject dedicated and qualified staff at schools in remote locations or scam-schools was costing the rightful future of a large number of kids. Personal attention in online classes helps to identify and correct the lapses in concepts of your child, which is another thing that was not practical in traditional teaching methods. Asking questions and doubts is simpler and convenient with these personal tutoring set-ups.

Based on the surveys from parents, the general approach to study and clarity of concepts has improved with 1:1 live sessions.

It's time to set aside your fears and anxieties, the experts say the paradigm shift towards virtual education is the best thing that has happened to Gen Z. The top online learning platforms have revolutionized the behaviour towards online education.

With passing time, trust in the online education system will get stronger and become imperative. 

As parents, you need to embrace this change with positivity to pass on the benefits to your kids without any reservations and trepidation.

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