6 Common Mistakes Preventing Sound Sleep In Babies

Everyone is aware of the miraculous benefits of a good night's sleep on one's health!

Why would the theory be any different in the case of your precious little ones? In addition to that, the bonus of a sound sleeping child is the deserved break that parent/s get.

The challenge doesn't end with the baby sleeping. It is equally crucial that the baby stays asleep after all your efforts.

There are six basic mistakes that affect the sleep cycle of babies, leaving them unrested and cranky. (The parents also become very grumpy most of the times) 
First of all, every child is different. No two kids will follow the same habits or routine. These pointers will only guide you to try out the things that might work for your child.

Check these out!

Sleep training kids needs patience and perseverance. You can start by putting the child to sleep at almost the same time every day. In the initial months, it might feel that you are failing, but that is because the babies do not decipher in day and night until they are 2-3 months old. Consistent efforts will set their natural biological clock into motion. The same goes for the night-time-waking. The activities offered when the babies wake up at night should be consistent. Night-Waking should also have a routine Shush-pat-feed-sleep so that the baby understands that it is time to sleep and not play. The baby will naturally start feeling sleepy at the same time. With hit and trial, you will surely obtain one sleep pattern that best suits your child. 


Just like adults, babies/toddlers also develop a bedtime routine. There needs to be a stable routine of activities leading to bedtime. Such as a warm bath, a glass of milk, changing into nightwears, making the bed, getting into the blanket, storytelling. Fixing a sequence of such activities that eventually mean - 'its time to bed' will initiate an automatic phycological effect on the child/babies' brain that its time to sleep. Following this sequence or routine will help them to fall asleep faster and naturally with lesser efforts!

Shailee, a mother of two from Pune, shares her experience, "It took time. But now as soon as my toddlers see taking out their night suits from the cupboard, they immediately know its time for the bedtime routine. The series of activities are precise. Bath-change-milk-story and sleep! This sequence helps me even when we are travelling".


Parents often let the child stay awake till late night expecting them to get tired and exhausted enough to fall asleep on their own. This trying-to-be-clever idea usually turns out to be a huge mistake! Mostly in case of working parents, obviously they want to spend more time with their kids and are lured into delaying their sleep time. We completely understand your emotions. However, the experts clarify that "Many parents cannot comprehend and feel helpless. With the same question, why even after an energetic and active day, the child blatantly refuses to sleep with added tantrums and irritable behaviour?" The truth is that once it is past the bedtime, kids become over-exhausted, the biological clock goes for a toss and, makes it difficult for them to fall asleep." 

As advised putting the kid to sleep at the right time will also make the night-sleep less disrupted. And eventually, the baby, and the parents as well, will wake up fresh the next day!


Together, we can! This motto is a must for a peaceful routine setup. It is often observed that   the baby's routine does not work as the family members try to create their own schedule for   the baby. It is too important to follow the set schedule with the baby, irrespective of the member taking up the responsibility.

If for some reason, the primary caretaker responsible for bedtime routine is not handling it the substitute caretakers must ensure that the same order is followed by them. Any changes will spoil all the efforts made to develop the sleep routine. Consistency in the sleep routine has to be maintained by all the members. If you live in a joint family, talk to your family members, partners and explain to them the importance of having and following a fixed routine for the baby. If you are working and hiring help, select someone who can follow instructions and is reliable even in your absence.
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Over exciting the baby before bedtime is a wrong move. Parents and family members     might be tempted to play a little more, enjoy a little more with the baby before putting them to bed. Watching television, phones or any screen while trying to put the baby to sleep will have the reverse effect. Toys, crib mobiles, light sleep toys, can distract rather than helping them put to sleep. Stimulating and energising play time with family members can throw them off the schedule and make it difficult for the baby to sleep on time. 

The bedtime routine should start peacefully. Use of lullaby or short stories will soothe and calm them and make them sleep better and quicker. (consistency of all members applies here too).


Just like adults feel tired and sleepy after a loaded day, kids also need to be tired after the day ends. Being tired after an active day will induce sleep naturally and promote sleeping through the night. It is necessary to create a daytime routine involving physical activities for the child to be active and feel sleepy at the right time. Besides the activities, day time naps should be scheduled as recommended for the respective age group. Over or under timed day-naps will make the babies cranky, disrupting the following schedules.
We really hope these pointers will help you to reveal the best suitable routine for your child. It is not an easy task, but determination and your love will definitely work wonders for your child! Did you relate to these mistakes? Do you have your observation and ideas about bedtime routine? Please mention here and support other parents! We cannot wait to hear from you!


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