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The dilemma persisting regarding online education is not uncommon, especially for parents who have never come across the notion of online teaching methods. With the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning touched the baseline level in terms of usage. However, the inception of online education began a decade back, assuring that education is available to everyone irrespective of their geographical positioning. 

(1) Lack of infrastructure, trained staff and many such lapses in the education system led to the steady popularity of online educational mediums.

(2) Online education grew as a whole community dedicated towards educational revolution, in terms of availability of upto the mark courses and live classes at any location. 

(3) In this never resting world, running around for extracurricular courses is difficult due to time constraints. The vast number of certified online courses help to train the young minds for the flamboyant growth they deserve. 

(4) These platforms also stand in solidarity with specially-abled children, so that these little buds do not refrain from receiving the deserved education in the comfort of their homes.

(5) Modern online educational platforms not only include curriculum teaching or syllabus coverage.

(6) The fundamental idea behind the availability of engaging courses and skill development exercises is to give the additional stimulus to the budding minds. 


Our initiative to be an epicentre to all your needs motivated us to tread on an exciting collaboration!

We have brought few of the exclusive game-changing online educational groups on board. Because we believe that once you are a part of PinkNBlu, you should never have to look elsewhere. These online forums have transformed the inherent misconceptions about digital education that have been clouding the Indian parents' judgements and decisions. 

Apart from the regular curriculum, cognitive skills, and creative imagination developed by coding, conceptual, creative and out-of-the-box concepts motivate them to apply their systematically acquired knowledge in the practical world.


Let us introduce our collaborating partners:


    Surely everyone has heard a lot about it and still contemplating about it. White Hat Jr. is a new-age online setup of coding classes for kids from Grade 1st to 12th. WhiteHat Jr. provides a variety of 1:1 ratio fundamental coding classes based on the child's age, interest and suitability.The experts believe that introducing coding concepts from an early age helps the development of reasoning, problem-solving capabilities and overall brain development in the children. Coding is a science-based application based on logical, rational and intuitive thinking.


    Transforming the digital education system framework Vedantu has embedded its strong pillars by delivering a top-notch setup. Vedantu boasts of a highly educated panel of teachers, categorized higher education entrance courses, board examination preparation, additional tuitions and coding classes.

    Curriculum-based interactive and engaging teaching methods are the cornerstones for any online educational platform. To have access to education is a privilege no-one should be denied. Vedantu serves holistically for the same purpose.


    Making the Children fall in love with this scary subject - Maths. Cuemath aims to teach Maths to in contemporary, non-traditional ways to overcome the inhibitions that children generally have. Cuemath also offers coding classes for all age groups.

    Logical thinking, application of reasoning, creating their own viewpoint to solve problems is inculcated with modern and unconventional methods that develop, a natural interest in Maths.

    Expert teaching panel, Concise practise modules, practical based solutions and visual learning techniques encourage a positive solution to maths difficulties.

    When you are aiming to decide the best for your kids' future, we've got you covered for everything. Online educational platforms that sharpen the much needed natural, instinctive and analytical reasoning skills are becoming an integral part of the overall student curriculum The new-age educational platforms are evolving to be the real turning point in the Indian Education Framework!

    The aim is to leave no stone unturned for building an educated India!

    WHY PinkNBlu?

    We offer information and platforms that serve the purpose of relevance and best practises.

    (1) All the enrollments done through our app shall get exclusive discount offers on all the variety of the classes.
    We are wholeheartedly partial towards parents. They have this inextinguishable zest to provide their children with the best! We would like to be a part of this incredible journey and contribute towards fulfilling all of your dreams by providing best offers on the enrollments done on WhiteHat Jr., Vedantu and Cuemath via PinkNBlu. 

    (2) We offer a consolidated view of the available option in online education and coding classes at one place! And that too with the best in its class options.
    All the options at one place help you to put forward the comparisons between your requirements. We know you already have a lot in your pen with children, so this is our initiative to ease out things even further. Rather than spending time at various websites and getting influenced by random promotions.

    (3) PinkNBlu has a verified information database for all stages of parenting You may be a new parent, pregnant and awaiting a new life, facing challenges of a toddler, a parent of multiples, we have a plethora of options such as 

    • Supporting in-app features such as vaccination trackers, reminders. • Self-sufficient lists of nearest schools and hospitals in different cities. • Category based Q & A.  • Document storage. • Informative and assertive Blogs - Your inter-woven threads of questions/ doubts from the parenthood universe are untangled right here.

    We offer many more, practical and pertinent features that will keep you pinned with us based on your trust and reciprocative explicit support system offer by our team. You can check them out on our app …

    Your most deserved Umbrella solution to parenting is PinknBlu. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and value additions to your everyday life.

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