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What is PLUS?

PLUS scholarship exclusively focuses on valuing the potential of little ones by providing an additional reward for the kids with plus performance.

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How to win PLUS scholarship?

  • Book from the variety of online courses from PinkNBlu.
  • Use coupon code to get surprising discounts on courses and get additional 50% of value back through Kidcoins.
  • 2 lucky winners will get a scholarship worth Rs. 10,000 each.
  • Valid users only will be eligible for scholarship.
  • Booking of courses from our partner's offering available on PinkNBlu website or app should done by using coupon codes to avail the discount and must be used during final payment.
  • Once purchased, such bookings must register to claim Kidcoins exclusively on the PinkNBlu app.
  • Contest period ends on 31st May midnight and all entries upto that time will only be considered including update of Kidcoins claim.
  • Bookings made using PinkNBlu codes but not registered on app claiming Kidcoins will be not considered for the scholarship.
  • PinkNBlu has all the rights to alter/ update any of the eligibility criteria or any conditions during the period of this event.
  • PinkNBlu reserves the sole right to reject any entry if not adhering any of the eligibility criteria.
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Book courses from various online learning packages and get a chance to win scholarship worth Rs. 10,000

Any user who book courses from PinkNBlu is eligible to win this Scholarship. Also, users with valid profile can book courses from the PinkNBlu app to stand a chance to win PLUS.

While booking courses, use the coupon code to get discounts on courses provided by PinkNBlu. And in addition, you will be rewarded with 50% of value back in the form of Kidcoins from PinkNBlu.

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