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About DUX Education

At DUX Education, we believe that Do It Yourself (DIY) doesn’t work for the kids. Our kids can only learn effectively if there is someone to hold their hand and guide them in this journey. DUX gives to access to the best tutors from the country handpicked by the founding team. You get to learn in small batches of max 10 students to ensure that you have enough attention from the teachers. Our revolutionary live classwork module ensures that we check your answers live in front of you and give you real-time feedback. Best education is simply a factor of good teacher, more practice and real-time feedback - and you get all three here.

We also hear you parents! By ensuring the comforts of private tutorship, we take the pressure off the parents, leaving time for other fun activities with your kids. All the advantages of personal/group tuitions brought to your screen from all over the country.

Technology is an enabler and not a solution. Students have always needed personal attention. At DUX, we believe some things should never change!

DUX means “The Leader”, “The Guide”, “The Top Pupil of the Class”. DUX sounds like the Hindi word “*Daksh*” which means “Skilful’. Every student and tutor at DUX completely personifies all these adjectives.

DUX brings the best of physical tuitions and empowers that with the strength of technology. So far, parents have had limited access to tutors since they always prefer to get a tutor who lives in a 1 or 2 km radius of their home. With DUX, we remove this barrier of choice. On our platform, students can get access to the best tutors from all over the country on their screen at the comfort of their home.

You get access to the pool of DUX certified tutors.

To encourage interactions and engagement with the students, batches in DUX never have more than 10 students

We are the only edtech platform to help you prepare for your Unit Tests and MidTerm exams as well - yes, once with us - you need not worry about anything else!

Our study materials and session plans closely follow your school syllabus so you don’t have to worry about your school tests and exams

We just charge INR 750 per month - no need to commit for a year - it is our duty to make you stay and trust us, we do it well!

Come, take a trial class. It’s free!

We provide course materials that you can use anytime you want (free!).

Tests are taken at regular intervals

You can always post doubts in the class timeline and the teacher will get back to you within few hours

Regular feedback and PTMs to keep the parents posted on the development

The maximum number of students in any batch is 10. We make sure there is enough engagement between the students and the tutor, hence, never breach the “Principle of 10”

Except for some specific class & subject combination, we take 3 classes every week. Each class is one hour long. Our session plan is compact and makes sure that the syllabus is covered along with enough revision and practice tests.

Our classes are live and interactive. Hear from our CEO to know more about the live and interactive classes.

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